Who: Malcolm Jolley and Jamie Drummond are the principals of the new company. Supporting them are a board of directors presently being composed and a network of Good Food Fighters and Friends, as well as freelance food journalists, writers and photographers and traditional advertisers. Most importantly, Good Food Media will serve an audience of approximately 100,000 good food (and wine) enthusiasts in Southern Ontario.

What: Good Food Media is a not-for-profit (GFM will have no share capital) company that serves the good food movement by publishing the website goodfoodrev.com. Goodfoodrev.com will publish news and features on the good food movement under the banner ‘Good Food Revelation’, and will organise premium food-centred events under the banner ‘Good Food Revival’. Under the umbrella banner Good Food Revolution, goodfoodrev.com will offer our sponsoring members a forum and information exchange focused social blog, where Good Food Fighters and Friends post insight and commentary on the movement and in the local and international scene. Part news magazine, part news aggregator, part blog, Good Food Revolution will offer a rich source of timely and relevant information about the good food movement.

Where: Good Food Media is based in Southern Ontario and will draw the majority of our content from here. Our mandate is to support the good food movement here by telling the stories that directly affect what we eat and drink. A large part of what Good Food Media will accomplish is to create domestic “cultural capital” about the local good food scene simply by covering it day in and day out and providing a domestic and seasonally appropriate alternative to media based in the United State or Britain.

When: Good Food Revelation has been publishing since July 2009 to a growing and enthusiastic audience. In November and December 2009, goodfoodrev.com will begin to transition to Good Food Revolution, as a custom designed site is built by our development partners for launch in March 2010.

Why: If we don’t tell our stories, no one else will. Traditional food media in Canada is dominated by a small number of big advertisers whose interests do not always coincide with the good food movement. As a not for profit, Good Food Media will provide a resource, a forum and a platform for actors in the movement, whether they are website visitors, journalists, producers, purveyors or activists while drawing its support from the same community.


Good Food Media publishes Good Food Revelation (goodfoodrev.com), a weekly online magazine covering the good food movement in Toronto, Southern Ontario and the world.

Become a Good Food Fighter or a Good Food Friend. Contact us about our membership programs and help us move the good food revolution forward.

Good Food Media’s offices are at 72 Birch Avenue, Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 1C8. Contact one of Good Food Media’s principals to find out more.


Malcolm Jolley
+1 (647) 223 3986


Jamie Drummond
+1 (416) 578 7258

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